Wednesday, February 12, 2014

About Bio Data

Samaj Utkarsh has started publishing the bio data of marriageable boys & girls free of cost. The same are also published at our blog but they are buried in the Samaj Utkarsh Pages and it becomes difficult to refer to the published material . To make things bit comfortable for parents and guardians of the boys & girls , we will separately publish the bio data which can be searched by the sex of the candidate, height and birth year. For example if you go to label section and see the bio data they will resemble to format like  B-5-7-86 . Label starting with B indicates Boy (If it is G then It is the bio data of a girl) Next 2 letters are indicative of the height of the candidate (Here 5-7 means 5 feet 7 inches) and last 2 letters are the year of birth. (Here 86 means 1986) We hope this will help you in searching the candidate of your choice. From tomorrow onwards we will publish every day one bio data for you to explore.Wish you all the best in finding a proper match for your progeny. 

Note : You can send bio data direct to us through our email  .
There are no limitations about number of Bio Data  to be published on this blog. So there is no queue for publishing your details.

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