Sunday, March 3, 2013

New Working Committee of Samaj

Election of working committee of Samaj for the years 2012-14 was to be held to day at 3 P M but there were 16 members in the fray for 16 vacancies, all the candidates are elected unopposed. They are 
1) Chetan Kantilal Mehta
2) Haresh Sumatilal Shah
3) Harish Shantilal Mehta
4) Harshad Trambaklal  Mehta
5) Hitesh Chandulal Doshi
6) Hitesh Chimanlal Sanghavi
7) Jayesh Rasiklal Lodaria
8) Kailash Navalchand Shah
9) Kamlesh Chandulal Sanghavi
10) Lalit Pranjivan Sanghavi
11) Lalitrai Manilal Shah
12) Mahendra Lalchand Khandor
13) Narendra Dahyalal Sheth
14) Naynesh Chandulal Doshi
15) Paresh Hasmukhrai Shah
16) Rashmikant Jevatlal Shah
Congratulations to all of them

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