Friday, November 9, 2012

Things your smart phone can replace -I

Accelerated development of smartphone hardware has made dents across industries, prompting manufacturers of cameras, radios, music players, navigators and even computers to innovate to stay relevant. Despite this, the multi-tasking smartphone can still do a lot for you. While it has become common to use the smartphone as a mouse or a webcam for a personal computer, innovative apps let you use it for special functions, like start a car, to make your life that much easier.
(Source: Money Today; Images: ThinkStock)

we will publish for next few days what a smartphone can do .

Universal remotes have become obsolete, courtesy your smartphone. There are plenty of applications available for popular operating systems that can turn the smartphone into one. All you need is the IR accessory (not expensive) to be paired with the app. Most AV devices still use remote controls that work on infrared (IR) light. As smartphones don't have IR emitters, one has to install a dongle. For instance, the Tata Sky Mobile access app available for iOS and Android users lets you use your phone as a universal remote for Tata Sky, DVD, TV and amplifier. It requires an MP3 mobile accessory (Rs 350) to be connected to the phone's 3.5 mm jack.
Dijit Universal Remote for iOS needs to be paired with Griffin Technology's Beacon. Re app, RedEye and Peel Universal Remote are some of the other options on the market. Search for universal remote apps in the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store for more options. If your TV has Wi-Fi or Bluetooth capability, there are also applications that can connect and control your TV via these.

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