Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Dance Troupe Defies Gravity

Dance troupe Bandaloop performs on and off the vertical wall of a 30 story building with slow-motion elegance. 
Bandaloop brings to audiences performances of aerial dance. Under the direction of Amelia Rudolph, it presents a blend of dance, sport, ritual and environmental awareness. Inspired by the possibilities of climbing and rappelling, the choreography draws on aerial, vertical and horizontal movement to craft dances, many site-specific. The work explores the relationship between movement and gravity and stimulates viewers' awareness of their natural and built environments. The dancers, climbers and riggers have enjoyed bringing their form of aerial dance to new audiences and have performed for close to half a million people at major city landmarks and outdoor sites such as Yosemite Falls, California.  Wiki
Video recorded at One Financial Plaza, Providence, Rhode Island, USA (Sep 29, 2012) 

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