Saturday, November 10, 2012

Things your smart phone can replace -2

The modern worker relies on networking more than at any other time in history. Apart from meetings and conferences, we now have trade shows and expos to help network. All of these add to our collection of business cards. These cards are usually dumped in the maws of our office drawers and come out only when we need a specific contact number (that is if we can find it). But smartphones make organising these easy. There are applications that scan business cards and copy the information on the card to the phone as well as on the cloud.
The use the camera on the phone to capture the image and with the help of a software reads details and automatically enters it in the phonebook. But not all card scanners are perfect. Some often have trouble recognising characters, especially when unsual fonts are used. Also, the phone has to be held very steady and lighting conditions have to be near perfect. CamCard is an application that is very accurate. Once the image is captured, it automatically saves the information to the card holder (a unique folder) or the address book.
The free version of the application allows users to save up to 20 contacts in the first week followed by two contacts every week and is available for iOS and Android users. ScanBizCards not only saves the information to the phonebook but also backs it up on the cloud. It also synchronises contacts between iOS and Android devices. WorldCard Mobile is an alternative application that is also good at

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