Saturday, October 9, 2010

VEDINIYA KARMA (Controller of physical pleasure and pain)

There are two types of Vedaniya Karma.
• 'Shata Vedaniya' - feeling well.
• 'Ashata Vedaniya' - feeling ill.
Shata Vedaniya gives one pleasure.
Ashata Vedaniya gives one pain.
On account of Ashata Vedaniya Karma,
one becomes a victim of Cancer, Cholera,
Typhoid, T. B., Cardiac troubles etc. etc.
One gets fever, headache, stomachache,
ulcers and other types of ailments.
One acquires the Ashata Vedaniya Karma by giving pain to others, harassing others, killing, others.

One earns the Shata Vedaniya Karma by making others happy, helping others,
giving them protection and peace.
Would you like to be happy?
Then try to acquire Shata Vedaniya Karma.

Courtesy : Jainism for Jainvikas