Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ashta Karma in Jainism

Jainism believes  in Karma. It has classified the karmas into 8 categories. Each category has a specific job to be done. Names of the 8 karmas are :

* Ayushya Karma -(Determination of Age and Life)
* 'VEDINIYA KARMA' (Controller of physical pleasure and pain)
* 'GOTRA KARMA' (Controller of high and low rankin society)
* 'NAM KARMA” (Obstruction to personality)
* “Antraya Karma” (Obstruction to happiness)
* 'Mohaniya Karma' (Concealment of Truth or Reality)
* Darshanavarana Karma (an obstruction to ouseeing)

We shall see the effects of each karma for next 8 days to understand how perfect is jainism in understanding human nature and its behaviour