Friday, October 8, 2010

GOTRA KARMA (Controller of high and low rank in society)

In the world: Someone is born high. Someone is born low.
Why ? Do you know ? It is due to this Gotra Karma. By the influence of high Gotra Karma, one becomes
forward and high in society.
By the influence of low Gotra Karma, one becomes
backward and low in society. By the high Gotra Karma, one gets reputation,
power, respect in society.

Owing to low Gotra. Karma, one gets blame,
contempt and insult in society.
A high or a low place in society
is the result of this Karma.
One can be high as well as low in the same life
at different periods.
How does one become bound by this Karma ?
He is bound by this Karma by being proud of his physical beauty, power, caste, intelligence,
knowledge and wealth.
This Karma also binds one who despises others
and treats others with contempt.

Courtesy : Jainism for Jainvikas