Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mohaniya Karma (Concealment of Truth or Reality)

What is Mohaniya Karma ?

On account of the influence of this Karma,
Men cannot understand the supreme God.
They cannot follow the true Guru.
They cannot accept the true religion
They believe that
the true is false and the false is true,
the unreal is real and the real is unreal,

On account of the influence of this Karma.
Someone gets angry.
Someone becomes proud.
Someone deceives another.
Someone becomes greedy.

This Karma makes
Someone laugh.
Someone cry.
Gives someone pleasure.
Gives someone pain.
Sometimes frightens us,
Sometimes leads us on the wrong path.
Sometimes makes us fight
Sometimes makes us cheerful.

This Karma creates doubts about Religion and Guru, and faith in God.
Among all Karmas the Mohaniya Karma is the most dangerous and most difficult to overcome.

Courtesy : Jainism for Jainvikas