Monday, October 4, 2010

Antraya Karma (Obstruction to happiness)

You have plenty of money, food and clothes to give others. There are many in need of these.
But you do not like to give anything to anybody, why?
It is on account of Antraya Karma.
Though you do your best to earn money, and though you try hard to get food, make efforts to get a house, you do not succeed in all these.
You should realise that the Antraya Karma is against you.

Though you have a lot of delicious things to eat,  you are not able to eat.
Though you have a lot of selected clothes to wear, you cannot wear them.
Though you have a very fine house to live in, you are not able to live in it.
Though you have an affectionate mother and a good grandma, you cannot live with them.
Do you know the reason for all these ?
It is the same Antraya Karma.
This Karma does not allow you to perform any penance or any service or to be engaged in devotion. This Antraya Karma makes you lazy and weak.

Courtesy : Jainism for Jainvikas