Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sneh Smruti

Gowalia Tank Jain Sangh & Shri Bhogibhai Mohanlal Mehta are synomym as far as our Samaj is concerned. His services to Sangh are very well known in our Samaj. He was recently honoured at the Bahuman Samaroh held by Gowalia Tank Sangh. He was acclaimed and lauded for uninterupted services to Sangh for 37 years. As a token of appreciation he was given sneh smruti patra on his retirement from the office of Sangh. He is still involved in social activities of our Samaj. We feel proud of you, Shri Bhogibhai Mehta, as you are part of us. In fact,we feel we are honoured in your bahuman. Well DONE, Bhogibhai. Sneh Smruti patra is shown hereunder for your perusal.

(Click any where on photo to enlarge)

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