Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Native : Jodiya
Currently At : Sion, Mumbai
Name of the deceased : Ganga Sw. Shardaben Balachand Gholani
Age : 88 years
Date of Death : 21-08-2009
Husband : Late Balachand Somchand Gholani
Son : Mahesh
Daughter-in-Law : Urvi
Daughters : Niru,Nayna, Rekha,Nila, Varsha, Chetna
Sons-in-Law : Kishor, Ashwin,Viren, Kirit, Jitubhai,Dilip
GrandChildren : Bijal, Maulik,Viral,Keyur
Father : Late Chatrabhuj Virpal Doshi
May her soul rest in peace

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