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Now we come to the 5th essential. There have been two short Käusaggas earlier. Now we undertake it as a separate essential. For that purpose we first recite the Namokkär Mantra. Thereafter we recite the English version of Karemi Bhante and other Sutras.

Graceful Lord, I am performing Sämäyik and vow to give up the worldly involvement. As long as I stay in Sämäyik, I shall not indulge or prompt others to indulge in any worldly involvement mentally, verbally or physically. My Lord, I hate, abhor, turn away and withdraw my soul from such involvement.

I am undertaking Käusagga for whatever transgressions in which I have been involved during the day; whether indulged physically, verbally or mentally; in contravention of the scriptural texts, of the right path, of the precepts or of the duties; whether done through wrong contemplation, wrong thinking, evil behavior, undesirable activity or the activity unworthy of a layman; whether indulged in the realm of knowledge, perception or character; whether in case of scriptural knowledge or in performance of Sämäyik.

If I have infringed or indulged in faults in respect of constraining the mind, speech and body; or in respect of the laymen’s twelve restraints comprising of five minor ones, three auxiliary ones and four disciplinary ones; by virtue of four defiling instincts, I beg to be atoned for the same.

For the sake of atonement, repentance, purification, for removing obstacles and for uprooting the sinful activities, I am undertaking the Käusagga.

Subject to the exceptions of inhaling, exhaling, coughing, sneezing, yawning, belching, passing gas, dizziness, fainting, minute movement of limbs, minute movement of saliva, cough, etc. within the body and minute movement of the eyes and such other exceptions, let my Käusagga remain unimpaired and unobstructed, till I terminate it with obeisance to the omniscient graceful Lords. Accordingly, I withdraw myself from all the physical aspects, by remaining motionless and by observing silence and concentration.

(Now stay in Käusagga while pondering over the wrong actions during the day or year as the case may be, and contemplate about the ways to repent and atone for the same. Devote at least 3 minutes for the daily Pratikraman and 15 minutes for the yearly. We have atoned for the standard transgressions. There could, however, be other transgressions too. Recall them and think about their atonement. The atonement is usually laid in terms of fasting or avoiding some meals. But it does not necessarily consist of abstaining from food. Vowing to cultivate modesty, to render service, to resort to meditation, etc. can also serve the purpose. So, think over the mode that best serves your purpose. If you cannot contemplate that way, silently recite Namokkär Mantra)

We end the Käusagga by uttering Namo Arihantänam and terminate this essential by reciting Logassa Sutra.

    Logassa Ujjoagare, Dhamma Titthayare Jine;

    Arihante Kittaissam, Chauvisam Pi Kevali (1).

I adore all the 24 Jinas, the omniscient Lords, who are illuminators of the universe and who have set up the religious order.

    Usabhamajiam Cha Vande, Sambhavamabhinandanam Cha Sumaim Cha;

    Paumappaham Supäsam, Jinam Cha Chandappaham Vande. (2)

I bow to Lords Rushabhdev, Ajitnath, Sambhavnath, Abhinandanswami, Sumatinath, Padmaprabhaswami, Supärshwanath and Chandraprabhaswami.

    Suvihim Cha Pupfadantam, Sial Sijjansa Väsupujjam Cha,

    Vimalamanantam Cha Jinam, Dhammam Santim Cha Vandämi. (3)

I bow to Lords Suvidhinath or Pushpadanta, Shitalnath, Shreyansnath, Vasupujyaswami, Vimalnath, Anantnath, Dharmanath and Shantinath.

    Kunthum Aram Cha Mallim, Vande Munisuvvayam Namijinam Cha,

    Vandämi Ritthanemi, Päsam Tah Vaddhamänam Cha. (4)

I bow to Lords Kunthunath, Aranath, Mallinath, Munisuvratswami, Naminath, Neminath, Parshwanath and Vardhamanswami

    Evam Mae Abhithuä, Vihooyaraymalä Pahinajaramaranä;

    Chauvisam Pi Jinavarä, Titthayarä Me Pasiyantu. (5)

These 24 omniscient Lords, who are adored by me, who are free from all impurities and defilement, who have overcome aging as well as mortality, may be pleased unto me.

    Kittiya Vandiya Mahiyä, Je E Logassa Uttamä Siddhä;

    Äruggabohi Läbham, Samähi Varamuttamam Dintu (6).

These supreme liberated souls of the universe, who have been adored, bowed and worshipped, may please bestow upon me the pure right perception and supreme bliss.

    Chandesu Nimmalayarä, Äichesu Ahiyam Payäsayarä;

    Sägarvaragambhirä, Siddhä Siddhim Mam Disantu. (7)

Those liberated Lords, who are purer than the moon, brighter than the sun and more serene than the ocean, may grant liberation to me.

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