Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mangliks - Pratikraman Part I


For undertaking Pratikraman, we put on clean clothes and sit in a quiet place on a piece of clean carpet, preferably a woolen one in order to remain insulated from the extraneous impacts. We hold Muhapatti between the palm and the thumb and sit in front of the preceptor's seat, if there be one. Since we do not have his presence, we set a religious book on this stand, place over it Navakarväli and assume that apparatus to be the seat of preceptor. Now taking Muhapatti in the left hand and extending the right palm towards the seat, we recite the Namokkärmantra and other Mängliks.

    NAMO ARIHANTÄNAM Obeisance to the omniscient Lords

    NAMO SIDDHÄNAM Obeisance to the liberated Lords

    NAMO ÄYARIYÄNAM Obeisance to the heads of religious order

    NAMO UVAJZÄYÄNAM Obeisance to the masters of scriptures

    NAMO LOE SAVVA SÄHOONAM Obeisance to all the sages in the universe

    Eso Panch Namokkäro (Namukkäro) Savva Pävappanäsano;

    Mangalänam Cha Savvesim Padhamam Havai Mangalam.

This fivefold obeisance is eradicator of all sins and is the foremost blissful aspect.

    Dhammo Mangalamukkittham Ahinsä Sanjamo Tavo,

    Devä Vi Tam Namansanti Jassa Dhamme Sayä Mano

The religion comprising of non-violence, restraint and austerities is the most blissful; even gods bow to him, whose mind always stays within the religion.

    Chattäri Mangalam:- Arihantä Mangalam, Siddhä Mangalam,

    Sähoo Mangalam, Kevalipannatto Dhammo Mangalam.

The omniscient Lords, the liberated Lords, the sages and the religion propounded by the omniscient are blissful.

    Chattäri Loguttamä:- Arihantä Loguttamä, Siddhä Loguttamä,

    Sähoo Loguttamä, Kevalipannatto Dhammo Loguttamo.

The omniscient Lords, the liberated Lords, the sages and the religion propounded by the omniscient are supreme.

Chattäri Saranam Pavajjämi:- Arihante Saranam Pavajjämi, Siddhe Saranam Pavajjämi,

Sähoo Saranam Pavajjämi, Kevalipannattam Dhammam Saranam Pavajjämi.

I am surrendering to the omniscient Lords, to the liberated Lords, to the sages and to the religion propounded by the omniscient.

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