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(Now we come to the third essential known as Guru Vandan or bowing to the Guru. The monks who have left all worldly possessions are our religious preceptors. Therefore, we want to offer obeisance to them. But we are now almost half way through. Therefore, it is the time to inspect Muhapatti once again. We therefore seek permission by asking: ‘Lord, may I inspect Muhapatti?’ and then assuming the permission, we turn it over three times as before. Thereafter, we recite the Guruvandan Sutra given below.)

Ichchhämi Khamäsamano, Vandiun Jävanijjäe Nisihiäe, Anujänah Me Miuggaham Nisihi;

Forgiving Lord, leaving aside my defilement to the extent possible, l want to bow to you while inquiring about your well being and atoning for any disrespect. For that purpose, allow me to come close to you.

Ahokäyam, Käyasamfäsam Khamanijjo Bhe Kilämo! Appakilantänam Bahusubhen Bhe Divaso Vaikkanto?

Jattä Bhe? Javanijjam Cha Bhe? Khämemi Khamäsamano, Devasiam Vaikkammam Ävassiäe

(With the gesture of touching Guru's feet) Leaving all unwholesome activities, I am touching your feet. Please pardon me, if that afflicts you any way. Has your day passed peacefully and without much distress? Is your ascetic life led without obstacles from the sense-organs or defilement?

Padikkamämi Khamäsamanänam Devasiäe Äsäyanäe

Forgiving Guru, I beg your pardon for transgressions relating to daily essentials and withdraw therefrom.

Titisannaräe Jam Kinchi Michchhäe, Man-dukkadäe Vay-dukkadäe Kay-dukkadäe; Kohäe Mänäe Mäyäe Lobhäe; Savvakäliyäe Savvamichchhovayäräe; Savvadhammäikkamanäe Äsäyanäe; Jo Me Aiyäro Kao, Tassas Khamaäsamano, Padikkamämi, Nindämi, Garihämi, Appänam Vosirämi.

I turn back from any of the 33 acts of irreverence indulged during the day due to misperception, and unbecoming mental, verbal or physical acts of mine or under the influence of anger, pride, deception or greed. Forgiving Lord, I hate, abhor and atone for whatever faults or lapses, I might have indulged at any time, by any undue behavior or by transgressing any religious tenet.

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