Saturday, August 25, 2012

Amazing Hula Hoop Performer - Irina Akimova

Irina Akimova is an amazing hula hoop performer from Russia who has performed all over the world, including at 'Cirque Du Soleil'.  
Irina Akimova Live on the Swiss TV show "Benissimo".   Irina Akimova was born and raised in very small town near Saratov, Russia. At the age of 10, she attended the local school of art where she learned the art of hula-hoop and immediately was captured by the "fun, philosophy and challenge of it". After appearing and winning the world famous Circus festival “Silver Rain”, producers from around the world noticed her. After travelling the world performing on many prestigious stages in Japan, Russia, U.S.A, Germany, Mexico, Canada and Monaco, she is now performing at the Cirque Du Soleil show “Delirium”.  

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