Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Domestic Violence in our Community

We were stunned & shocked to receive an email from a lady about her harassment and torture at the hands of her in laws who are members of a very respected family of our community. The reason for the problem seems to be dowry and a complaint to police can create a big problem for the family. The email received by us has been published hereunder with names changed  of the parties involved. Our sincere advise to both the parties is to sit together and solve the problem without being greedy for money. The greed will not take you anywhere but to jail and defamation. May wiser counsel prevail.

(Letter received by us- Names changed)
To Respected Editor Sir,

I Malini Shyam Shah is  married to Shyam Shah son of Ramesh Shah who is  staying in Mumbai, ghatkopar east. This family is Deravasi family of our Machhukantha Jain Samaj. I have also received the award in our Machhu Gaurav program held in Matunga this year 2014.

 On 24/10/14 at 3:00 pm my mother in law and father in law and my husband had beaten me brutally, kicking and punching my face,and holding my neck very harshly, and they were giving lots of bad words to me and my parents, so i had to run away from home and come to my parent's place at rajkot,gujarat. I feel it is an attempt to murder me. I have the proof of the pictures they have beaten me.

So I would like to inform you about the sufferings I have got  from my husband Shyam Shah, Ramesh Shah-father-in-law and mother-in -law-Varsha Shah. They are harassing me like this since 2&1/2 years but i am complaining for the first time. My husband is everytime telling that what my father has given to him as dowry.  This is the second time this incident has taken place prior it was done on 22-07-2014.

I am working woman in a College of engineering in computer department as a pro term lecturer, and my husband is working  as manager in a software consultancy firm.

So as I have suffered I would not like any girl to suffer any more from this family. Thus it is my humble request that you publish about these incidents happening in our samaj, so that no other girl would have to bear any such consequences as I am bearing. And also I expect some help and guidance as to what should I do further.

Thanking you

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