Saturday, January 26, 2013

As Close As You Can Get To 3D

This is the closest to 3D without glasses I've seen on a computer screen. Simply amazing. Play the video, then click above to watch in Full Screen.

Credits: Landscape Volume 2,  Like Theres No Tomorrow,  The Ascent,  Blob Jump Official World Record,,  Crazy Close Shave Pass During Wingsuit Jump In Norway,  Danny MacAskill Way Back Home,  Epic Trick Shot Battle Dude Perfect,  Experience Zero Gravity,  Freeskier Phil Meier Profile,  Gopro Hd Hero Best Of,  Jaxon Wong 2011 Sampler,  Just Jump Skydives,  Lassi Huskainen Angry Birds,  Mike Wilson 99 Foot Rope Swing Quadruple Backpflips,  Pool Skateboarding,  Pro Riders In Action,  Reel Rock 2010 Trailer,  Sepaktakraw Vigo Cup 2011,  Snowscoot Euro,  Speed Flying Ultimate Rush,  Ten High 2011, The Art of Flight (Snowboarding film trailer),  The HD Hero2 2x As Poweful In Every Way,  The Water,  Winter X Games 15 Torsten Hogmo triple,  Worlds Widest Slip And Slide.   Music: Hans Zimmer - Final Charge

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