Saturday, October 20, 2012

Roadable Aircraft - Plane Driven PD2

 The Plane Driven PD2 - a new flying car which made its debut at the world's biggest airshow in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.   

The PlaneDriven PD2 takes a Glasair Sportsman airplane and adds a separate 50-hp 'drive unit' to the back.   On the road it can travel over 200 miles (322 km) on one tank of conventional gas at s speed of up to 73 mph.   Once airborne, it has a cruising speed of 140mph, with a range of 472 miles.
The PD-2 fits in a garage space of 8 ft 7" wide, 10 ft high and 25 ft deep.   Requirements for driving include: a driver’s licence, a motorcycle endorsement, and in some states a trike endorsement. Requirements for flying include: a private pilot’s certificate or better, a current medical, and a SEL (single engine land) rating with a tailwheel endorsement.   The Plane Driven PD-2 kit includes everything necessary to make the Glasair Sportsman PD-2 roadable and in compliance with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for Motorcycle. Components include: steerable front wheels, brakes, wheel pants, a rear drive unit, all required lighting, and all cables and connections.   Cost: $59,900 US plus the GS-2 airplane, which costs $56,639 (kit).   FAQs

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