Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Samaj Utkarsh Volume No 599 August 2014

To read Pages 1 to 9 of Samaj Utkarsh click here  

Michhami Dukkadam Jointly by Yuvak Mandal & Samaj Page 1

Jivanchakra Page 3 

Details of Khsamapana Programmes at Lodha Dham -Pages 4-5

Info about Vani Tour by Samaj - Pages 5-6

Sanstha Samachar Page 7

Application form for Vani Tour (2 days)-Page 8

 Telephone Directory Distribution Centers Page 9

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Web Directory Process Details  Pages 10-12

Felicitation of 4 Past Presidents of Yuvak Mandal by Current president Shri Hiren Lodaria -Pages 14-17 ( This felicitation seemed to be personal when it was done on 17-08-2014 at Zaverben Hall as the felicitation was done as Gurus. Gurus can be of Individuals and Mandal or Samaj will not install any one as Guru as there are many who contribute for the good of community. Juniors learn from the seniors so guru shishya pratha is unending . Further The felicitation is not done under the banner of Yuvak Mandal. This is really surprising and needs questioning the person who has published this as a Mandal matter.)

To read Pages 20 to 30  of Samaj Utkarsh click here

Bio Data of Marriageable Boys & Girls (Same can be viewed separately on blog)  Pages 23-24

The Bio Datas are repeated . Out of 8 ,6 are reappearing.

The bio datas are incomplete as the data does not provide telephone nos in many cases. A format must be made and members should fill the form and submit their bio data.

The Bios are also given who are not MVJ caste. What is the criteria ?

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2) Again , Volume No of Samaj Utkarsh seems to have been mentioned wrong. According to our record, it should be 599. 

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