Sunday, September 28, 2014

Telephone Directory Application on Android Smartphones

The MJV Yuvak Mandal has published an application for Android Smartphones which loads Telephone Directory Application on to your Android Smartphone. On installing the application, you can get some 1000 telephone nos with name on your mobile and simply by choosing the name of the person you want to speak to the application takes you to dial pad and displays the number of the party. On pressing the telephone icon , number is dialed and you are connected to party to whom you want to talk. Though there are 1000 names on application, it may be increased to accommodate the whole new telephone directory so the printed hard copy of the directory will go into oblivion. To download the application, go to play store and search for MJV Yuvak mandal and download the application. When you download the application , you will get a notification welcoming you. Just try it. It is worth having on your phone as it can give you chance to talk to someone whom you have never talked to  but want to convey some message urgently.

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