Thursday, July 31, 2014

Samaj Utkarsh Volume No 597 June 2014

To read Pages 1 to 8 of Samaj Utkarsh click here  

This is Shradhdhanjali Ank of Late Shri Vinaychandra Chhaganlal Sanghavi (V.C.)

Life Sketch of Shri V.C.Sanghavi  Page 5

Jivanchakra Page 6

Sanstha Samachar Pages 7-8

To read Pages 9 to 16  of Samaj Utkarsh click here 

Shradhdhanjali to Shri V. C. Sanghavi

To read Pages 17 to 24  of Samaj Utkarsh click here

Shradhdhanjali to Shri V. C. Sanghavi Pages 17-21

Obituary of Shri Shashikant Kirchand Mehta Page 24 

(Yuvak Mandal could not manage a photo of such a person !!)

To read Pages 25 to 32  of Samaj Utkarsh click here

Bio Data of Marriageable Boys & Girls (Same can be viewed separately on blog)  Pages 26-27

The Bio Datas are repeated 

The bio datas are incomplete as the data does not provide telephone nos in many cases. A format must be made and members should fill the form and submit their bio data.

The Bios are also given who are not MVJ caste. What is the criteria ?

Note :1) Depending on Internet speed , Loading of Files may take a little time.You may have to wait for 1 to 2 minutes for reading good quality stuff

2) Again , Volume No of Samaj Utkarsh seems to have been mentioned wrong. According to our record, it should be 597. 

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