Monday, June 30, 2014

Samaj Utkarsh Volume No 596 May l 2014

To read Pages 1 to 8 of Samaj Utkarsh click here  

From Presidents  Desk Page 1

Jivan Chakra Page 3

Sanstha Samachar Pages 4-5

To read Pages 9 to 16  of Samaj Utkarsh click here 

Bio Data of Marriageable Boys & Girls (Same can be viewed separately on blog)  Pages 11-12

Samet-Shikharji Yatra Aayojan Page : 19 (This is not the advertisement of either of the Mandals. Some private party has published the advertisement).

To read Pages 17 to 24  of Samaj Utkarsh click here

To read Pages 25 to 32  of Samaj Utkarsh click here


Note :1) Depending on Internet speed , Loading of Files may take a little time.You may have to wait for 1 to 2 minutes for reading good quality stuff

2) Again , Volume No of Samaj Utkarsh seems to have been mentioned wrong. According to our record, it should be 596. 

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