Saturday, August 16, 2014

Telephone Directory Publication Programme- Where is it heading ?

Tomorrow on 17th Aug. 2014, Yuvak Mandal is publishing the fifth edition of Telephone Directory of Members of our community. Will the programme be a success or failure ? why this question is being asked ? perhaps in the light of failure to attract the crowd at the time of our annual function is the reason. We see the following reasons for doubting the success of the programme.

  1. The programme is kept on one of the days of long weekend when generally people plan to go out of town.
  2. The morning programme on a Sunday is difficult for the people to attend as they are lazing on that day and they are totally laid back.
  3. It is on Sunday when railways have mega blocks
  4. It is in Ghatkopar so our members who are in considerable numbers in Borivali -Virar belt will not take part as commuting is going to take more than 2 hours one way. This happens conversely when a programme is kept in Borivali.
  5. We though may not observe આઠમ  at home but at Samaj level it is compulsory to observe the આઠમ so there will be no લીલોતરી in the luncheon on the day.
  6. The Programme  is on Janmastami day so the roads will be jammed by Dahi Handi Govindas
  7. In couple of days our Paryushan will also start . Generally Before Paryushan, We have religious Shibirs in the derasars so many will prefer to attend that rather than attend the Programme.
  8. Lastly, The entrance to the programme is not free to members as Rs. 100 will be charged for the entry pass for this programme which is having no proper publicity. People will think twice as family of 4 on a Sunday morning will have to shell out Rs. 400 for the pass and Rs. 100-200 for the transportation.
Moreover, Local people from Ghatkopar are likely to attend the function late as they are interested ,if at all, in the Luncheon rather than the programme. This leads to think that though you may count the presence on the number of passes sold or distributed, it will be certainly less by 50-60 people as either they will be late or will come late on purpose.

By the way How Many Passes are Sold ? Any Guess ?

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