Sunday, August 17, 2014

Telephone Directory Publication & Web Site Launching By YuvakMandal

These are the Front & First Pages of New Telephone Directory which was published on 17-08-2014.
The function of publishing the Telephone Directory was held at Smt. Zaverben Popatlal Sabhagruh, Ghatkopar. 
How was the function ?
The function got delayed by nearly 1Hr 30 Mins. Instead of 9AM it started at about 10:30 AM. There was thin presence even at 10:30AM. Publication of Telephone Directory was combined with opening of Website of Yuvak Mandal. As if this was not enough time consuming, the president also  honoured his social gurus who made him what he is today. This was over and above the speeches and honouring of Chief Guests , Main Donor, Conveners of Telephone Directory Committee , The persons responsible for development of Website. All these took nearly 2Hrs & 30 Mts.
Hall was booked for 4 hours. 1 hour was wasted before starting of the function so only half an hour was available for the "Mental Magic" Show. If timings would have been adhered to , Magic Show would have lasted for 1Hr. 30 Mts. This was a bad planning. when you want to cram so many things in so little time , you can not waste a single minute. 
Other problem was the compere who was not so good in Gujarati and was committing mistakes in prononciations of Gujarati words. Further , with such a tight schedule, there was no need to play question answer  game that too at such a  slow speed. All this took toll of a really good Programme which was waiting to be started after the main function.  
The Website inauguration was done after activating the  site and main features of the site were briefly shown to the audience. Here is the opening page of the site 
Those of you who wish to visit the site can go to The latest news & events show Website Launching but it does not mention Telephone Directory publishing.
The Mind Magic show was really magical and audience was only shown glimpses of what the programme is all about. With whatever was shown , people felt they were deprived of a very good programme which they would otherwise have seen and remembered for long time to come.
Lastly, the meals were very good. People were happy about it as they had never expected such a treat by a social organisation. Morning Breakfast was also good. We may say that this meals have saved the day for Yuvak Mandal.
A Good Programme badly planned.
Food for thought : When such a programme was kept, why enough time was not given ? Why there was lack of efforts in making publicity of such a programme ? What was the cost of this show ? Why waste so much of money when we are sure that we are short on time and are not able to manage?

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