Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Kantibhai Vakharia is proving to be BHAMASHA of Yuvak Mandal. He is satisfying all the needs (monetary) of Yuvak Mandal. This time he has agreed to donate Rs 3,50,000 for developing Web Site for Yuvak Mandal which is very commendable. But, what we want to say is had Kantibhai asked Yuvak Mandal to develop the web site for Samaj and not Yuvak Mandal that would have served larger interest of the community as a whole. It is very open secret that Yuvak Mandal & Motu Mandal do not see eye to eye and have some unresolved issues between them. For example, Yuvak Mandal will not publish any donation to Mota Mandal in Samaj Utkarsh. Yuvak Mandal will not provide pages in the monthly for printing activities of Mota Mandal. Even Motu Mandal is ready to bear the cost but that is not agreeable to Yuvak Mandal. Now, if net is used with such intentions then the sole purpose of putting the community on web will be lost. Motu Mandal will have to meet their needs by using this blog. Internet is not only used internationally , but now it is percolating to small villages as well. If you give whole picture of the activities of Samaj, it will be socially more useful. It is really sad that Yuvak Mandal is seeing a competitor in Mota Mandal. If both the Mandals patch up their issues and come together united, we can make wonders. Kantibhai lost an opportunity to be the foundation stone of this reunion.

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