Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Antrikshji Yatra of Mahila Mandal

Mahila Mandal has to day returned from Religious Yatra of Antrikshji, Balapur, Karanja & Bhandakji. From the experience of this tour, what comes out loud & clear is Mahila Mandal should take the help of those who are good at arranging such pilgrimage tours. Planning and itinerary of this tour was totally faulty. On first day itself , they traveled to all the places and reached Bhandakji in the night. For next 1 and 1/2 day they were stationed at Bhandakji where only one Derasar is existing.

At Bhandakji, the organizers had programmes like Pooja, Samayik and Pratikraman in which many of the ladies were not interested. They, rather, wanted to visit more derasarjis as a result they were discontent.

In worrying about saving the money, the organisers let go so many things which were a must. Firstly they made the members travel in 7-8 Sumo instead of one bus thus depriving them of joy of traveling together. Secondly, There were 8-10 persons in one sumo as a result they traveled uncomfortably. On First day they traveled a lot and missed some worth seeing places as there was shortage of time. And next 2 days there was nothing to be done. Thirdly, instead of having their own caterer, they arranged food from bhojanshala run by trust of the derasarjis. This took away element of variety from the menu. While some members were advised not to go on their own to other places which they obeyed, some relatives of the anchor went on their own in spite of the fact that they were also advised not to go on their own separately. This is being published only with expectation that organizers will look into these issues in the future.

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