Sunday, July 19, 2009

Our Identity

Thank you for your positive response. We are getting SMSes from members of samaj welcoming us and encouraging us.

One SMS reads like this : "Congratulations to you for this good work eager to know you rashmikant j shah"

Not only through SMS but also through phones members try to find out our identity. We would have been very happy to say who we are but some considerations are holding us back from revealing our identity.

Before we say what prevents us from showing our face, we would request all the eager members of the samaj to allow us to work peacefully and allow us to remain unidentified. Let us have our space and let us have our privacy as we need them for working efficiently.

Now, here are some reasons for keeping ourselves behind the screen.

We want to be neutral. We don't wish to take side of one group against another as our role is that of a journalist. we are like umpires in a match. They are present in the match , they have very important role in the match but they do not play the match. They do not win or lose the match . They judge the match.

We want to report on the issues of the samaj. we may criticise or appreciate some works of the working committee of both mandals or other mandals(Ghatkopar, Mahila etc) of the samaj. Unfortunately these mandals do not gel well with each other.

For example donations received by mota mandal are never printed in Samaj Utkarsh. Eye check up and operations by Ghatkopar Mandal are not reported in Samaj Utkarsh. For shradhdhanjali in Samaj Utkarsh you have to pay hefty Rs. 2000 (This discourages the members to give their advertisement). Ultimately all these work against the good of the samaj. Mota mandal very often do not hold elections on one pretext or other thus they make the working of the samaj activity stagnant. As a result needy people suffer. Now, if we say who we are and publish certain criticism of such acts , they will try to pressurise us to stop writting their wrong doings.

Our wish & goal are to make all the mandals work in tandem with each other without competition. we wish all the mandal supplement and complement each other in a harmonious way to the larger good of the samaj. One mandal should not be jealous of the other mandal's activity but should be ,on the contrary, happy to see that members of the samaj are benefited by such work.

There is lot to be done. We are lagging behind in many activities which other samajs are undertaking. If one mandal is taking up a project , we can always take another project which is totally different from the first project. There is no need to compete. There are many projects available for execution. There is need to think out of box. To identify project which we can undertake for samaj. Do not use your energies in competing and fighting with each other but help each other to succeed in their project. Have brotherly love. Forget past issues. Forget your egos . No body remembers you if you leave the samaj with no work or some petty work. You do honorary work of samaj to make friends and not foes. So wisdom is in spreading the goodwill by doing good deeds and allowing others who follow you to emulate such good works.



  1. Well Written Boss, But Hope in long run you keep your words and do as you you have mentioned above......Great Work...All The Best
    Darshan P. Shah

  2. hello dear,
    congratulation for your tirafic job.
    but if u have any problem with samaj utkarsh board sheet on table with yuvak mandal's comeetee & samaj utkarsh board with respected person of our samaj like murabbi vadil shree HIMATLAL JIVRAJ MEHTA, SHREE KANTILAL VAJESHANKAR VAKHARIA, SHREE VINODRAI VRUJLAL SHAH, SHREE RASHMIKANT JEVATLAL SHAH, SHREE MAHESHBHAI SHANTILAL LODARIA, SHREE HASHMUKHRAI JETHALAL PAREKH, SHREE RAJENDRA UMEDCHAND SHAH, SHREE KIRTIBHAI HIMATLAL SHAH. & showl your querys & problem. & invite to yuvak mandal's comeetee membars for sheet on table. in yuvak mandal's comeetee talk to SHREE AVANTIBHAI RAMNIKLAL SANGHVI, SHREE PARESH VANECHAND SHAH, SHREE PARESH HASHMUKHRAI SHAH, SHREE RAHUL RASIKLAL LODARIA, SHREE HIREN MAHESHBHAI LODARIA, SHREE KALPESH RAMESHCHANDRA SANGHAVI, SHREE HARISH SHANTILAL MEHTA. they all are very co-opreative person. & sheet with our reaspective person & showl the all queries.
    Please Dear it's hardly request to you
    bye take care
    & all the best


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