Saturday, July 25, 2009

Few thoughts about Notebooks & Stationery Distribution

In the last Samaj Utkarsh, we read that as many as 770 students of 435 families took advantage of notebook & stationery distribution scheme of the samaj. This is the statistics provided by Yuvak Mandal. We can very well assume that same number of students would also have taken advantage of the scheme offered by Mota Mandal. Numerically, this is a big achievement but in our view it is not a glorious achievement as more or less same number of students come to collect their quota of notebooks & stationery every year so those at the helm of affair are well experienced to handle these many students.

We want to make it clear that what we are discussing is multi point alternative/addition to existing arrangement. All of which can not necessarily be implemented. But, If the committee likes some points we would be happy and if they do not like any then also we are happy that we have said whatever we wanted to.

Let us discuss the quality of the work undertaken.

First of all, both the mandals are running parallel activity which we would call duplication . What we mean by duplication is we over feed a particular class and keep some other class unfed or under fed. It would be wise if one of the mandals hands over the work to other mandal and look for other activity which could be useful to members. Duplication is waste of resources not of money but also of man power.

If both the mandals ignore our request and continue with their current activity, they can make life easy for members by having 2 counters of distribution each at Dadar & Masjid in the offices of both the mandals so members do not have to rush to 2 places on the same day at the same time in rush hours and carry 6/7 kg load . On working days , ladies are coming to collect the notebooks and for them to lift 6-7 kg of load is very difficult. At 6 kg per student, parents have carried 770X 6 = 4620 kg (i.e. 4.62 tonnes) weight to their homes. Little planning can save lot of discomfort to members. But for that both the mandals should work in tandem. Who will blink first forgetting their ego ? The answer is one who has good of the samaj at heart.

Still better would be to study the areas from where our members come to collect the notebooks & stationery. After locating the areas open an outlet near those areas for distribution so the members face least hardship. we know there is a problem of keeping the stock of material to be distributed at different places but you have to handle the situation in a business like manner. As in business when there is an opportunity we do not think of problems but advantages. Committee should not think who would do all that ? But should think how this could be achieved? It is difficult but achievable and with experience, we can always refine our plan. As such no plan is perfect. There is room for improvement always. It is better to try and do something than not to do at all. Do not be afraid of failures. Those who work can fail but those who do not work do nothing.

We would still go further to say that we can think of delivery system (Courier based) so that people get their material at their door step. This today looks far reached but in days to come we may have to think of that too. We will rather be forced to think.

This year the distribution is over and next will be after a year. This is the time for introspection. During this time committee should make a list of the families who did not take part in the project though there were school going children in the family. Know their problems, understand them and if their points are valid and just ,try to modify your distribution system so they are attracted toward the project. There may be a few families which may feel that they should not get the notebooks & other stationery from the mandal as they can afford them from open market. They should be convinced that if they do not want to get the benefit of the project they can donate the amount to samaj but in no circumstances they should buy from open market as their participation will encourage others as well to join.

Look at GHOGHARI SAMAJ, every member of their samaj is getting educational expenses from their samaj irrespective of their financial position. We would like to see that happen to us as well.

Lastly, When we place the order for these notebooks & stationery items it has to be bought in whole sale. These quantities do not match with the requirement we may have from members so there has to be surplus/ shortage of the items distributed . What is being done to those extra items ? They should be sold at a concessional rate to the members in open just like Derasarjis sell sweets after SANGH JAMAN. This can also increase your cash inflow.

In summary :
1) Let one of the samaj hand over this work to other so only one samaj handles the whole project to avoid duplication. Saving our resources.
2) Both the mandals should join hands to distribute notebooks at both their offices.Thus facilitate the members from running to 2 places on the same day in rush hour.
3) Locate the pockets from where maximum members come to collect the notebooks & other items and transfer your place of distribution there.
4) In future, Courier service may be a possibility.
5) Locate those members who do not take part in the project even if they are entitled to do so. Convince them to take part and if hesitant, ask them to donate to samaj but participate they must.
6) Sale surplus items to members and en-cash your investment which may go waste.

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