Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hiren's Comments on OUR IDENTIITY

Following comments are received from Mr. Hiren in response to OUR IDENTITY article.

hello dear,
congratulation for your tirafic job.
but if u have any problem with samaj utkarsh board sheet on table with yuvak mandal's comeetee & samaj utkarsh board with respected person of our samaj like murabbi vadil shree HIMATLAL JIVRAJ MEHTA, SHREE KANTILAL VAJESHANKAR VAKHARIA, SHREE VINODRAI VRUJLAL SHAH, SHREE RASHMIKANT JEVATLAL SHAH, SHREE MAHESHBHAI SHANTILAL LODARIA, SHREE HASHMUKHRAI JETHALAL PAREKH, SHREE RAJENDRA UMEDCHAND SHAH, SHREE KIRTIBHAI HIMATLAL SHAH. & showl your querys & problem. & invite to yuvak mandal's comeetee membars for sheet on table. in yuvak mandal's comeetee talk to SHREE AVANTIBHAI RAMNIKLAL SANGHVI, SHREE PARESH VANECHAND SHAH, SHREE PARESH HASHMUKHRAI SHAH, SHREE RAHUL RASIKLAL LODARIA, SHREE HIREN MAHESHBHAI LODARIA, SHREE KALPESH RAMESHCHANDRA SANGHAVI, SHREE HARISH SHANTILAL MEHTA. they all are very co-opreative person. & sheet with our reaspective person & showl the all queries.
Please Dear it's hardly request to you
bye take care
& all the best

ADMIN SAYS : We are not interested in discussions suggested by Hiren. We are throwing light on the issues our SAMAJ face. It is for the members of the SAMAJ to wake up and ask for the explanation from the concerned person. If you do that , our job is done. Whatever we have stated is not the personal grievance but needs to be addressed for the larger good of the SAMAJ. Please do not misunderstand us.

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