Friday, June 5, 2009

What is a blog ?

Dear Members,

What is the Gujarati equivalent of BLOGSPOT ?

In Gujarati, we can call it CHORO. CHORO is a place where people gather and discuss their common problems with each other. There are people in problem and there are people who would give advise to come out of problem. Similarly, we can also develop this blog and come forward to discuss what ever we can share with the members of community.

But this can only be possible if the members take part with interest and regularity. Initially there were problem about the language of this blog as most of us are comfortable to read write in Gujarati and to develop the blog in Gujarati is a real challenge but one youngster one day came to say that few years down the line, there will be very few who would like to read Gujarati blog and today fathers can always ask the sons & daughters to make them understand what is said in the blog. Again, our older generation is many times proud of their education & their knowledge of english. So, why not to take a chance ? And we started this blog. The blog's success depends on the use and participation of the members of community so again we have to request you to come forward with information about the members of the samaj. Do not forget to send the message to

Have you received the copy of accounts of the samaj ? what is your say about it ?

Have you got the circular of NOTE (Excercise books) distribution ? What is strange about it ?

Do write to

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