Saturday, May 30, 2009

Welcome to the world of Blogging

Welcome Members of Shri Machchukantha Vishasrimali Jain Samaj.

We are starting a new blog on internet for the samaj. There has been a growing need to raise our voice and be heard as there are few things happening in samaj which require general awareness in public. There are quite a few points to be discussed and we want you, members of the community, to share your views on the matter. Our samaj is very small but is full of crap. We would like to give everything free on this blog and would try to make you feel that you belong to the community and you should contribute in what ever way possible to make the samaj a happy lot.

What we want to do ? We can answer the question as follows :

1) Inform the viewers about Births in the family of members
2) Announce the Engagements
3) Announce the Marriages
4) Inform about relatives of members who are ill/ admitted in hospitals/ operated etc.
5) Shrdhdhanjali to relatives of members with photos
6) Information about success in various examinations of family members of Samaj.
7) Bio data of marriageable boys & girls.
8) Activities/ Programmes of all the Mahila Mandal , Yuvak Mandal , Mota Mandal and Ghatkopar Mandal

But for these to be working and successful , We need your support. You should send in the news items to us through our email : Also, you will have to inform the samaj members known to you about this blog and ask them to visit & contribute. Everything here is free and for your own use so feel free to join and contribute.

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