Sunday, June 4, 2017

Note Distribution Photos (WhatsApp Message)

Photos of Note Distribution by MVJ Samaj at their office shows smiling faces but these faces are of Committee members who have the advantage of sitting in Air conditioned office. They have broken the recent practise of delivering the Note books & Stationery items at 5 different distribution centers in spite of the fact that Yuvak Mandal managed to reach their note books and stationery items to these centers. The office is in Masjid, a south mumbai suburb and our community has migrated from south to north mumbai so majority of our samaj is located in Borivali- Bhayandar belt and Ghatkopar. One thing we should not forget that we are not doing charity but we are serving our community. What ever is good , comfortable & convenient to members of Samaj should be done rather than taking some whimsical, unilateral decisions and imposing them on to the members. In fact, there are no enough members to attend & manage the distribution work at the centers. These members call & classify themselves as servant of the community. This is very sad commentary on the working committee. There is a need to demand center wise distribution by the members of the Samaj or they should boycott the distribution . A trouble of 1 year will solve the problem forever if nobody collects the notebooks they will be made to restart distribution centers.But the main question is can we unitedly stand together and resist the distribution from the Samaj's office ? Our lethargy makes them do whatever they feel like doing.  Think and Act

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