Monday, June 6, 2016

Samaj Utkarsh Volume 55 Issue No 4 April 2016

To read Pages 1 to 12 of Samaj Utkarsh click here  

Jivanchakra Page 3 

Obituary of "સમાજ ભૂષણ" Kasturbhai Sanghavi  Page 4  

Condolence Messages from Samaj, Yuvak Mandal & Mahila Mandal Pages 5,6 & 7 

To read Pages 13 to 24  of Samaj Utkarsh click here  

To read Pages 25 to 36  of Samaj Utkarsh click here  

Bio Data of Marriageable Boy   Page 25 

Application Form for Scholarship, Text Books, Uniform Sahay Page 33

To read Pages 37 to 48  of Samaj Utkarsh click here  

Bio Data of Marriageable Boy & Girl  Page 42   

Sabhar Swikar  Pages 44-45-46

Note :1) Depending on Internet speed , Loading of Files may take a little time.You may have to wait for 1 to 2 minutes for reading good quality stuff
2) Volume No of this issue is wrongly mentioned as 55. It should be 50.

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