Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Samaj makes Constitutional Changes

The M V J Samaj (Motu Mandal) had its AGM on 4th March 2012 to pass the Accounts of 2010-2011 , to pass the budgeted expenses for 2012-2013 and to ratify the expenses incurred during 2011.

In the meeting they also passed, with some minor modifications,  constitutional changes suggested by the constitution committee.

Important changes brought in constitution are
1) Patron Member will be made by the working committee unlike current practice of pay and become patron.
2) Patron Member were made on payment of Rs 250. Now, they will have to pay Rs. 1000/-
3) Life member will pay Rs. 250 instead of Rs. 101. 
4)Permanent Member category removed
5) Regular Member will have to pay Rs. 50 for one year which was Rs 2/- and in some cases 0.50p per year.
6) President & Vice President  will be elected by the elected members of working committee.
7) Compulsory voting for total number of seats going to be filled by the election. (You can not vote few  persons from the contesting candidates but you will have to vote for the total number of candidates to be elected.)

Samaj in the process of getting 80 G certificate. So 50% of your donations can be reduced  for calculating your  taxable income.

New Corpus started by donation from Late Taraben Trambaklal Umedchand Mehta Family for Treatment of Heart related problems.

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