Thursday, March 29, 2012

A gentleman’s guide to restaurant etiquette

Once you know the rules of fine dining, there is no awkwardness in enjoying the meal and company. Perhaps there is a lesson in here for Saif 

1) Choose a restaurant befitting your mood and that of your guests. 

2) Book a table in advance. Do not hesitate to ask if you can expect a quiet meal. 

3) Dress appropriately and arrive on time. 

4) Always stand up when a lady joins you at the table, or when she leaves it. 

5) At no point should you engage in loud arguments with the waiter or manager. If unhappy with anything, have an unobtrusive word to deal with it. 

6) Do not wave cutlery around to emphasize a point or use a toothpick at the table. 

7) Do not snap your fingers to call the waiter. 

8) Do not be so loud that you disturb conversations at adjoining tables. 

9) If disturbed by fellow diners or children, quietly complain to the manager, who should ideally deal with the situation effectively. 

10) Be attentive to people at your table, listen to them and let them order their meal before you order yours. 

11) Once seated, unfold the napkin and use it occasionally to wipe the tips of your fingers or mouth. At the end of the meal, leave your napkin folded on the left side of the plate. 

12) Know your cutlery and glasses. 

13) Bring food to your mouth, not your mouth to the food. 

14) Loud slurping or munching sounds are a definite no. 

15) Never stretch across for a dish; request for it to be passed to you. 

16) You can rest your fork and knife on either side of the plate in between your meal. After the meal, place them side by side in the centre of the plate in the 4:20 position, fork tines up. 

17) Do not talk with your mouth full or swivel your drink glass around. 

18) Do not get drunk! A gentleman doesn’t go beyond one drink at a restaurant. 

19) Never use your cell phone at the table. 

20) Deal with any discrepancy in the bill quietly but effectively. 

21) Do not appear to ponder too long over the bill or tip. 

22) Resist using the fingerbowl like a washbasin. Dip your fingertips and bring them gently to your mouth. 

23) Practise dining etiquette to enhance your enjoyment of the food and company!

 -Vinita Dawra Nangia 

Courtesy : TOI


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