Saturday, December 3, 2011

RULES & REGULATIONS & Groups of the Cricket Tournament of Samaj

On 4th of December cricket tournament of the members of Samaj will be held with the following

1.     Every player has to wear White Dress with white shoes.

2.     Every player has to reach on ground by 6.45 AM sharp.

3.     Minimum 4 bowlers have to bowl in 3-2-2-1 order. In case maximum overs are reduced then Umpires will decide the pattern of  bowling.

4.     On scoring 20 runs individually the batsman would be declared out. He will not be allowed to bat again in the same match. This is applicable only in league matches.

5.     No batsman can be declared as retired unless he is injured and in view of the umpire not in a position to bat. In case the batsman, after the injury, wants to continue batting with a runner, Umpires will decide if runner can be  provided or not & their decision will be final and binding to both the sides.

6.     Umpires’ decision , in the matter not specified in the rules of the game, will be  the final decision and will be binding to both sides.

7.     Only captain has the right to discuss with Umpires and Referee.

8.     Every team will play 2 matches in league round and will get 2 points for wining each game. If there is a tie between any team then the teams will share 1 point each. In case Two/Three  teams in the same group  get the same points at the end of league stage then net run rate formula will be worked out to decide the leader of the table who will go to play final match.

9.     One team from both the groups with highest points or in case of equal points, highest run rate will play the finals.

10.   If any team requires a substitute then referee will give a player of same category. A substitute player cannot Bat, Bowl and do wicket keeping.

11.  Every team has to finish their innings within 45 mins or else it would be penalised by 5 runs. It would be decided by referee.

12. One Player must field in slip (upto 2nd slip) position compulsorily for all the matches and only 13 players will be allowed on field and remaining 2 or 3 players will have to sit in dug-out and captain has to replace the same with on-field players after fourth over compulsorily.  

13. Only 4 players are allowed to stand outside the inner circle for 3 power play overs and for remaining overs minimum 7 players including bowler, wicket keeper and slip have to be within inner circle. First over is compulsory Power Play for all the teams, remaining 2 overs of Power Play are to be decided by Batting team and Bowling team  1 over each from remaining overs. If Batting team and Bowling team do not take Power Play till the commencement of last 2  overs then last 2 overs will be compulsory Power Play. Of these 2 overs, first over will be Bowling power play and last over of the innings will be batting power play. Once Batting Team declared Power Play the Bowler can be changed.

14. In case of a No-Ball only due to OVER-STEPPING next ball will be a free hit and in free hit the player would be given out only in case of Stumping or Run-out. 

 Team A-(Captain Ashish R Shah), Team C -  (Captain Bhavesh Anantrai Shah) and
 Team E- (Captain Dhamin  Dinesh Doshi) are in one group 
 Team B- (Captain  Bhavesh Praful Shah), Team D- (Captain Jimish Dhirendra Lodaria)
 and  Team F - (Captain Gaurav D Mehta) are in second group.

Winner of the first group will play final with the winner of the second group.