Thursday, June 3, 2010

Notebook Distribution 2010

As usual without any regard to the hardship faced by our members, both the mandals have announced the distribution on 4th & 5th June 2010 between 4 & 8 pm. Both the mandals could agree to send the circular together. They both agreed for the same dates and practically same time
not only that both the mandals forgo to mention the sender's address on circular but they could not come together at one place to distribute the notebooks & other items. Further they chose Friday & Saturday for distribution instead of Sunday. It seems that members of working committee do not have any idea about the problems of traveling to & from Dadar/Masjid and Mira Road/Bhyander or they think you may have to toil if you want the notebook free of cost. In any case, there is need to protest by the general members of samaj regarding this. We are not taking charities from the mandal but it is a brotherly help .

You can view the circular of notebook distribution here.

Note : If you want to download the forms from the blog then those forms can be saved as "Save Image as" on to your computers and then printed through your printer.

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