Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ambulance or Mobile Hospital ?

The new car is more than 20 meters long to accommodate more than 45
injured at one time and includes two operating rooms and intensive
care room and family medical situations as well as medium-sized
stretchers and seats for minor injuries.

The car has been linked to satellite and internet services to provide
with the camera image directly to the emergency physicians in
hospitals, which tend to the situation of affected.

The car is manufactured in the Germany city of Frankfurt

This car is not just an ambulance to transport the injured, but also
work as mobile hospital to treat patient and diagnose his condition,
in case it needed to undergo an operation , then he will be
transferred to the intensive care unit in the car, bringing him to
the hospital after all medical procedures, urgent and necessary,
have been carried out.

The car costing nearly two million dollars has been provided
with more than 25 state of the art medical equipment .

The car also includes a pharmacy with all the necessary medicines
for the surgical treatment of injuries and accidents and emergency.

Courtesy Dinesh Shah

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