Friday, April 2, 2010

Why Yuvak Mandal President gives out seven Medals ?

Those of you who have attended the annual day at Great Escape or read the report in Samaj
Utkarsh would know that this year President of the Yuvak Mandal has given as many as seven
medals to as many people.

As such, the practise is to give 3 medals to the working committee members who have worked the most. Otherwise medals to so many would undermine the ipmortance of the medals and its honours.

If you read carefully the names of the recipients, there are 2 trust board members and 2 elders who are no more active in the day to day activities of the Mandal. President gives the medals to those whose dedication to work for the mandal is praisworthy and are working under him. 2 trust board members are above the president and should not be considered for the medal. 2 elders are the mentors and their services or help need not be priced. There should not be any price for the work these 4 members have rendered. Surprisingly, one receipient is the donor at the Annual function of some handsome amount.

In fact, it would have been more honourable to decline these medals by these 4 gentlemen.

Other way round what is the inference of the matter ?

1) There are no good workers in the Yuvak Mandal
2) They are not interested in doing the work of Mandal with dedication
3) The Members of working committee are not able to edit & publish Samaj Utkarsh .
4) The Mandal can not survive on its own strength without external help.

Ponder over this and introspect.

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