Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A silent server of Yuvak Mandal

On 1st of May, Yuvak Mandal is going to honour all the working committee members of Yuvak Mandal formed during the last 50 years. Golden Jubilee is an occasion for jubilation and merry making. As a corollary, such events bring decorations & warmth to the place of event. For example, if you have marriage in family, every member of the family goes for latest and fashionable outfit to be used for marriage. Not only living beings but house also gets painted, decorated which brings a sense of festivity to the place. But alas, our office is in very bad shape. Discoloured & cracked walls, old furniture, untidy layout, no phone , no A/c reflect the lack of enthusiasm on part of the current working committee. They could have painted the office in the minimum. Many times members and President have promised to paint the office and nothing has been done about it. It is not late still if painting and little bit of renovation is done in the year of golden jubilee of the Mandal. It will tantamount to indirectly honouring the office as well.

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