Sunday, April 20, 2014

Lack of Co-ordination between Mota Mandal (SAMAJ) and Yuvak Mandal

We are a very unique community in which we have two mandals doing similar social activities for the same group of people.

If you look at the activities of both the mandals, they give scholarships, distribute note books, extend medical help, sadharmik bhakti or anaj sahay, monetary help, honouring the bright students who passed either from gujarati medium or english medium, honouring tapasvis during paryushan etc. In short, 80% of the activities are nothing but duplication. As a result ,in stead of complementing or supplementing the activities , they compete with one another and try to prove that they are better than the other mandal.

For past 3 years, both the mandals changed their system of distributing note books and stationery items to some 600+ students. In that,they asked the members of society to select a center of their choice to get the  note books and stationery items near their home. Earlier, they were to travel all the way from their home located as far away as Bhaynder or Dombivali to Dadar and then to Masjid to get note books and stationery items. The arrangement worked successfully and people were happy as instead of going to two places they would get all the items from one place near their home.This arrangement was a blessing particularly to ladies as they were the ones who would go to collect the note books and stationery items.

All of a sudden, this year yuvak mandal and mota mandal are going their own separate ways. Yuvak mandal is distributing note books and stationery items ONLY from its DADAR OFFICE on 18th and 19th April 2014 well before the annual exam results are out and in certain cases before the annual examinations are over. Mota mandal is not doing the distribution work in April 2014.

This means 
Yuvak mandal is distributing note books and stationery items in April and Mota mandal will do the same in June 2014. Members will have to exert themselves two times for the work which until now they were doing in one go.

By going back to distributing note books and stationery items from Dadar Office parents more particularly ladies members of as many as 600+ students will have to travel in crowded trains and carry weights of some 20 notebooks (2 students per family)   and stationery items. It seems the office bearers and  the working committee members have only thought about their convenience and never thought of some 350 - 400 people who will be troubled by traveling in crowded trains and carrying heavy luggage to remote places where from they come. Office bearers  think that they are doing charities by giving the note books and stationery items to members but they forget that they are here to serve the people and not boss over them. Donors are the people who are doing charities and they donate so that community brethren are comforted in their need.

By such arbitrary and dictatorial act of the office bearers, people of SAMAJ are angry and unhappy. Now is the time to vent your anger by protesting and boycotting the distribution. It is now or never. If you do not act now , you will never get back the system which was easy to implement and convenient to so many. 

To do that do not go to collect note books and stationery items from DADAR Office and phone the Note Book Committee Members to say that we  want center system re introduced. Here are the phone numbers with names of the members to whom you should talk and show your unhappiness about scraping of the new successful system.

Hiren Lodaria President & Convener 9821091951
Mehul Shah Man. Trustee 9324333110
Nimesh Mehta Trustee 9820552897
Avanti Sanghavi 9146738877
Haresh Shah 9820156617

Let us see how many of you are keen to fight for your right.

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