Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Using you mobile battery right way

There was a time when devices came with replaceable batteries. Now that we have chargeable ones, caring for your battery is critical so it lasts long. A typical battery is rated for a 1000 life cycles, -or a thousand times of charging and discharging. So that makes it three years of usage if you were to charge it every day. But if you want to make it work better, follow these tips.

1 Always let the battery drain out. Try not to plug in the charger in the middle of a discharge (use).

2 Let the battery be fully charged before use. Don't leave a battery half-charged if you have no urgent need to use the device.
3 Always use genuine chargers shipped with the original device or a charger that the original manufacturer recommends. Third-party chargers can provide a higher or lower current and voltage, possibly exposing your device to damage. It could also reduce the battery life.
4 Keep the battery cool. Don't let your gadget lie on your car's dashboard for a long time, or leave it to bake in the car while it is parked in the sun.
5 Whenever you are charging your gadget, ensure that it is lying on a flat surface in a ventilated area, and not inside a cover or a pouch.
6 If you plan not to use your gadget for a long time and are storing it away, ensure the battery is charged at least to the 50% level. Otherwise, the battery may go into deep discharge and may stop working.