Sunday, November 6, 2011

Get Rich Tips

Everybody wants to be rich & successful but most people just dream of it, few attempt to transfer it to reality.  The trick is to concentrate on your dreams and forget about rewards.

Here are some home truths to follow :

1) Regard material reward as a by-product, not the goal of success.

2) Don't plan to rest on your laurels, keep driving forward.

3) Success is not just genius. Most important is the desire to achieve and an ability to organise & get things done.

4) Place a high premium on developing common sense & practical judgement.

5) Don't expect success to fall into your lap

6) Develop a set of clear goals

7) Don't get discouraged by obstacles to success. Use them as motivation to succeed.

8) Look for a special person to put you on the front track to the top.

9) You can be success in more than one field.

10)  Don't expect high achievements alone to bring supreme happiness

11) As you become more successful begin to share your achievement with others. 

12) Striving for success becomes inner growth rather than just an effort to push & scramble to the top.