Sunday, July 3, 2011

Baby Elephant Rescue

Female elephants rescue a baby elephant from drowning in a waterhole.

"While we filmed the rescue we saw a number of intelligent actions by all involved in the rescue. However, watching the footage over and over there are plenty of activities that are well thought out by the aunt and mother to guide the baby elephant to safety. This rescue was more than instinct, it was cognizant action. The aunt was the first adult in the water and then the mother followed. The compassion and caring displayed by the herd while the baby elephant was in the water was spellbinding. The relief when they reached safety had us shaking from the tension."   Mark    Viewer comment: At about 0:35, it appears as though one of the elephants is rushing off to tell the rest of the herd what's going on - you even hear her make a short calling sound, and then a couple seconds later a whole group comes rushing over to see if they can help. This is just absolutely amazing and beautiful.