Thursday, May 26, 2011

Circular for Notebook Distribution

At last wiser counsel has prevailed over Samaj & Yuvak Mandal working committee. They have understood that members are really harassed when they come to collect loads of Notebooks at two places on a working day from as far places as Bhayandar or Dombivali.First they have joined hands and will distribute the notebook and other items together. Second they have created 5 distribution centers for the convenience of members. Third the distribution at far off places like Borivali, Bhayandar & Ghatkopar is arranged on Saturday & Sunday. Check your center from where you will get your notebooks before visiting the center. To read the details read the circular here.

Also, Samaj is planning to organise a cricket match amongst the members of Samaj . A circular giving details of the cricket tournament is also with note book circular. Those of you who wish to participate in the tournament may fill in the form and submit before due date.

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