Sunday, April 10, 2011

X-Hawk Flying Car

The X-Hawk Flying Car, a revolutionary, FAA certifiable urban aerial aircraft, is being developed by Urban Aeronautics of Tel Aviv, Israel. It is an aircraft that has the VTOL (Vertical-Take-Off and Landing) capability of a helicopter, but without the exposed rotors that make it dangerous or impossible for helicopters to maneuver in complex urban and natural environments.
The first prototype should be ready in 2009. The Flying Car is configured as a tandem-fan, turbine powered vehicle. The pilot will use a "fly-by-wire" multi-channel flight control system as well as an automatic stabilization feature to help control the aircraft and maintain level flight. The ducted fan design allows the car to achieve the speed and maneuverability of a helicopter: 155 mph, 12,000-foot altitude and two hours of flight time.