Sunday, January 9, 2011

Accidents at Suraj Water Park

At Suraj Water Park last Sunday, 3-4 people from Samaj met with accidents ranging from small injuries to fracture. So far such problem had never arisen as everything was hunky dory. We were not prepared to handle such an eventuality. As a result, the families of the injured were left to  tackle the problem on their own.

In such a situation, help of what ever nature gives a feeling of care taking to the relatives of the injured.
We should have a team of volunteers to offer help and guidance in case of accident. Not only that, a survey to the place of trip should be under taken to see the nearest hospital available and mode of transport to such hospital.

We should also have first aid box ready for small injuries as some thing can always go wrong with someone out of 1500 plus members on the trip.

we learn from the experience and we should improve with the experience.Let us be prepared next time and let us not get caught unaware.