Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bio Data

Swati Mehta

NAME :Swati Mehta
BD BT BP :18-03-1975 Mumbai @ 5:11 P.M.
HEIGHT :5' 6"
EDUCATION :B.Com., Dipl. in Montesary
OCCUPATION :Teaching in Pre-School
RELIGION/CASTE :Shwetambar Jain
FATHER :Late Rajnikant Mehta
BUSINESS :Advocate & Solicitor
MOTHER :Jyoti Mehta M.A. (Housewife) Mob : 09769437351
BROTHER:Sandeep Mehta (Elder-Marired) Solicitor & Advocate
SISTER :Shweta Mehta (Unmarried-Twin)
MOSAL :Late Kantilal Parekh (Kiranbhai) Patan
ADDRESS :23, Ratan-abad,3rd Floor, Tukaram Javji Road,
Next to Bhatia Hospital, Nanachowk,
Mumbai 400 007. Phone : 23895782
CELL :09820710396

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