Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rejoinder to Rupesh Shah's message from Jitendra Mehta

Jai Jinendra,
A couple of days back an article by Rupesh Shah was put on this blog. In that, some 5 members of the mandal were mentioned to have worked excellently for the Mandal in its golden jubilee year. This is not entirely true. Though they would have worked worth making a mention, there were others who also contributed in the celebration programmes arranged so far. There are some members who have arranged for food, some have done sweeping work for holding the meeting at the office. No work is big or small. Again the fact is that out of 135-140 contributions of Jamanvar @ 2500/- majority were collected by Rashmi Shah & V V Shah.To take the credit for the work done by others is gross injustice. Apart from them there were others also who worked. Notable amongst them were
1) Avanti Sanghavi
2) Haresh Mehta
3) Chandravadan Sheth
4) Hasmukh Parekh

All the 6 are members of the Golden Jubilee Celebration Committee. Their contributions should not go unnoticed as they are specifically working for the golden Jubilee and they do not have any other role to play in the Mandal. So it is grossly incorrect to say that "A" only worked and "B" did not work. It is only the team that works. So one should not be guided by what is stated on the blog as others would feel belittled. It is really a disservice to the mandal to send such partisan letters. Let wisdom prevail amongst members of the mandal and let there be no division of people who have gathered to give something to the society.

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  1. Dear Mr.Rupesh Shah,

    You have given very good response to the activities of yuvak mandal.But do you know any organisation can not run without the support & work done by their all the members ? you have mentioned the name of SITARAS but do you know the light of SITARA is very dim in front of the light of the SUN i.e. the yuvak mandal. so please if you dont know the ground reality of work done by all the members in future dont give the name of so called SITARAS in your message.
    I'm extremely sorry if i have hurt your feelings ,but you should also take care of feelings of others. Jai Jinendra.


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